Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sayonara Sushi

I have a love/hate relationships with my job.   Generally speaking, it can be very rewarding.  On the other hand, it can be very frustrating, bordering on depressing.  I help people with disabilities prepare for, find, and maintain employment.  In this economy, it is more than challenging.  The bright side of my day however, is being a part of an AWESOME team of women who face this challenge as a force to be reckoned with.  I am sad to say, but also happy for her, that our youngest team member, Morgan, is moving on...... to bigger and better things.

Morgan is a vocational rehabilitation counselor who has been part of our team for the last 3 years.  She has been a ray of light with a youthful exuberance that will be sorely missed.  Fran, friend and colleague, was gracious enough to host a "farewell brunch" for Morgan.  Since Morgan loves sushi and chocolate, I thought it only fitting to make Morgan some Brownie Sushi for her send-off.

This is not exactly a recipe.  It is more like a construction manual..
I started by baking a double batch of fudge brownies.  This made entirely too many brownies.  I suggest making a single batch in a 9x9 pan.  You can use any brownie recipe or mix you like.  Heck, you can even buy Brownie Bites (thanks for that idea Melissa). If you don't like brownies, try making cupcakes in a mini muffin pan. 
I cut rounds..... and a few squares out of the cooled slab of brownies.
After the rounds are cut, frost the circumference of the brownie with chocolate frosting...The frosting acts as glue for the "nori".  Let it set a few minutes.  In the meantime, assemble your nori, rice and other sushi ingredients.
Shrek Fruit Roll-ups, fruit slices, and Swedish fish will do the job...oh and don't forget the rice...

Coconut will work too

Wrap a piece of fruit roll-up around the brownie...

Frost the top of the brownie with white frosting...dip in white sprinkles. Tap them in place to neaten them up. Decorate with gummy fruit slices, Swedish fish, or anything else your heart desires using a dab of white frosting as glue.


  1. It is good to know that there are people like you, taking care of disabled people. Your fare well recipe is amazing. I love sushi, but never seen anything like this before. This would also be a great for a child's birthday.

  2. I enjoyed a delicious Italian cheese cake last night made by this blogger! You are some baker Mrs. Kipp